Selwyn District Council

The Selwyn District Council (SDC) stretches from the sea to the Southern Alps, maintaining a broad mix of community assets; from historic buildings to state of the art newly-built facilities, for a diverse mix of rural and urban residents.

We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with SDC, supporting them for the past 12 years in their Asset Management improvement journey. 

The initial brief we worked to deliver in 2008 was electronically managing their physical works contracts (maintenance) including; service request integration, online interaction with contractors, mobile computing, performance monitoring and end of month claim processing.

Over the years the platform has grown alongside the Council’s asset management improvement objectives. They have leveraged our software and service to maintain below and above ground asset data and lifecycle information. It has been hugely satisfying for us to see the system working so well for them and the improvements they have made in how they approach asset valuations.

Having started with a three-yearly revaluation model within Adapt Platform, they are now moving to an annual model. They are one of only a few councils in New Zealand driving systemised and transparent revaluations within their asset management system.

Over time SDC has also grown it’s inhouse resource capability in the form of an Asset Management Information Systems Team. This has been of significant benefit to both Council and Adapt. Knowledge sharing and collaboration on projects has enabled the AMIS team to maintain and schedule improvement around the platform, while the practical learnings have helped us to evolve our software. The best way of working - with our customers, for our customers!

It’s our experience that all vendors say integration isn’t a problem. Adapt has been the first vendor to walk the talk. - Neil Cookeson, Selwyn District Council