adapt platform am 12x v4



Equally robust and agile, Adapt Platform provides an out of the box solution that can be adapted and scaled to your businesses existing systems and evolving requirements. The software is refined specifically for asset-intensive industries like local government, property, electricity and transport, requiring a managed

platform to maintain the asset throughout its lifecycle. Adapt Platform is built for managing traditional infrastructure asset types as well as less traditional assets like contracts, leases and compliance points. Ideal for large organisations with legacy systems, our software is your gateway to structured system workflows.

What makes Adapt Platform
the best software for you?

Out of the Box Solution, Fit for Purpose.

A library of reusable system content and more people doing things the same makes sense to us too. It takes time to build decent out-of-the-box content in our industry. We have the longevity and experience in the market to guide well-templated approaches. We continuously evolve with our customers for our customers.

Best of Breed Technology

Adapt Platform has been built to manage asset records at its core. Asset management isn’t a bolt-on module for us; it’s what we do. We actively canvass new areas to help us improve; from technology to business practice to other industries and related sectors. Best of breed to us means focusing on a discipline and doing it well.

Software that actually improves Management

Our recipe for a successful software roadmap focuses less on whistles and bells and more on improving fundamental items which will add significant value to maturing asset data, speeding up processes and improving management practices.


Our software works where your assets are, where your teams operate, and where your customers need you. We deploy software installations via the cloud using native client apps for all users. We can also deploy on-premise if desired. We partner with data centres like Microsoft Azure to ensure our clients have the best available system reliability and storage infrastructure.


Improving upon the implementation to best fit the platform alongside other systems or data sources is important to Adapt. We don’t make it an afterthought to have integration gateways opened. We’ve thought about the degrees of change that can occur while continuing to roll out new versions of software to our customers.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive and elegant, the well-designed interfaces within Adapt Platform provide welcome simplicity. Ease of use for you and your team across your organisation is our intention.

Software Features

1   Cloud or On-Premise

Adapt can manage a cloud instance (MS Azure) of Adapt Platform for you. We also can accommodate on-premise installations to support customers that prefer that model. Client applications are native to the operating platform.


1   Integration

Adapt Platform comes with an API to ensure our customers can deliver integration projects. The API is connected to the business logic of the Platform, which means it keeps up with change and our clients have consistency across the user interfaces and the API.


1   Asset Register

The asset register is the heart of the Adapt Platform. An asset page for a single asset describes the full lifecycle story of the asset – from creation to replacement. It provides the link between the key functionality areas and the mechanism to associate assets into groups based on hierarchies. The Platform has all the features you’d expect from a robust asset register like; business logic, asset type relationships and GIS capability.


1   Work Management

Maintenance Management and condition inspections within the Platform aims to maintain assets to preserve their condition, allowing them to perform and provide the desired level of service for their effective lives. Reactive work on assets can begin directly in the Platform or be integrated from call centres. Scheduled or preventative maintenance is planned in advanced in the system, assigned and monitored via dashboards. This module can manage one or many external maintenance providers and maintenance contracts.


1   Mobile

Adapt has been delivering asset-centric mobile applications since 2008. This module delivers; easy client deployment, occasionally connected or offline capability, native app interface, mapping capability, integration with other apps like routing maps, dashboard task lists and fit for mobile data entry (exposure of the workflow elements that matter to a field-based employee).


1   Modelling

Adapt Platform can model data through configured scenarios for renewals, valuation and deprecation type activities. Formulas can be freely configured and added to models, any data attribute stored or associated with an asset can be leveraged. Models are auditable and the data output is analysis-ready.


1   Visualising

Adapt has many standard reports and dashboards within its library and shares these between customers. Adapt customers have published data in the following ways:
Data warehousing and Power BI, MS Excel, SQL reporting services, GIS. The Platform can manage the visualising of data or contribute to a hybrid model in the case of a corporate reporting tool being in place.


1   Software Support

Adapt is solely focused on producing asset management software and related services. Initiatives like right-sizing asset templates against national data standards are what we do in the background. Ensuring we’re thinking about how our Councils need to use data for asset strategy is what we do. Working with Adapt means a resource of both product and industry people.