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Our Story

A lack of control of your organisation’s assets can be hugely overwhelming. Outdated and clunky asset management systems that don’t meet day-to-day operational needs in real-time, let alone those at the strategic level, are all too common.

At Adapt Solutions, we are all about bringing a fresh approach. We are a team of specialists, passionate about leading change and simplifying asset management for infrastructure owners in New Zealand and Australia. Having cut our teeth client-side, we know the everyday realities of the industry, inside out.

Frustrated by the rigid software products on the market that just don’t deliver, we set out on a path to build our own. We have spent over a decade getting alongside our customers to understand their real needs. This approach has meant we evolve the software with a deep understanding of requirements.

With our head office in Christchurch and a second in Melbourne, we have partnered with a broad mix of infrastructure owners, helping them to shift to a more efficient approach to asset life cycle management. From Environment Canterbury, Selwyn District Council, Buller Electricity, Delta, Horizons Regional Council through to Public Transport Victoria – to name a few.

Asset management isn’t a bolt-on module for us; it’s what we do. Adapt Platform is built to manage asset records at its core. We take on a consultative approach, happily rolling up our sleeves, as we guide you through the roll-out process.

We push the boundaries, genuinely caring about results and leading change in our industry. – Nige Sheed

Our People

Our core team comes together to form a solid mix of industry experience, strategic nous, technical skill, and new energy. With our head office in Christchurch and our Melbourne-based development team, the people and culture at Adapt are at the heart of what makes us unique.

Nigel Sheed - Adapt Solutions

Nige Sheed


Nige Sheed is Co-Founder and Director at Adapt, taking the lead on client relationships and driving implementation across the team. He takes huge pride in seeing the software making a difference day-to-day and playing a part in protecting publicly-owned assets for the future.

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Nige started out as a fresh, young ‘civil engineering cadet’ at Timaru District Council. At this time they were in the early days of shifting from a paper-based asset management to a computerised system – which he became involved in.

Turned out he had a knack for things and his interest was sparked. Nige was later tapped on the shoulder by an international software company and found himself helping Councils onboard the software nationwide.

Nige met Jamie Burmeister during a water billing implementation in Auckland where they worked together for two years, discovering they shared the same values and a complementary skill set. The duo eventually took the plunge and launched Adapt Solutions in 2007. They began working in consulting, where they spent most of their time making fixes and frustrated by the rigidity of software from large corporate providers. They recognised the need for a best of breed software platform and set about building it.

A genuine and likeable person – a little bit cheeky (he was a halfback in rugby), Nige is passionate about the legacy of Adapt’s work. “It’s all about helping teams with stretched resources make more informed choices.” He loves the energy of running a lean technology company and creating an environment that is collaborative and creative.

Outside of work, Nige enjoys spending time with his young family and making the most of the lifestyle living at Sumner Beach, surfing and cycling in his spare time.

Jamie Burmeister - Adapt Solutions

Jamie Burmeister


Jamie Burmeister is Co-Founder and Director, managing the Melbourne based development team. He also works closely with clients and the core Adapt team on software implementations in New Zealand.

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Jamie started out working client-side for Barwon Water, a water authority in Geelong. He brings valuable experience from his time working as a Business Analyst for an international software company specialising in finance and CRM solutions. 

Well-respected in the industry both sides of the Tasman, Jamie knows his stuff. What he finds most satisfying in his work is seeing the software being used day-to-day and making people’s lives easier.  “We take pride in delivering – if we say we’ll do it, then we’ll do it.”

Jamie also believes Adapt’s success in the market, comes down to caring about the outcomes of all our clients. “Our clients know if they come to us, we’ll respond and they don’t get shoved into a helpdesk queue. Being smaller, we can respond faster and make decisions quicker. There isn’t a big hierarchy filtering the news back to the office about how things are doing. All the staff at Adapt know where the company is at, all the time.”

Jamie has two children and spends his spare time shuffling them to various sports and everything else they have on. He plays a bit of golf (poorly apparently) as well as a bit of tennis, also poorly.

Martyn Wooster

Martyn Wooster

Business Development Manager

Martyn Wooster bolstered the Adapt team in 2012, bringing strong strategic experience in asset management for infrastructure. Prior to this he worked for large consultancies involved with public utilities in the UK, Singapore, and New Zealand.

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Marty also brings invaluable experience from his time spent working in the asset management team at AECOM, focusing on asset improvement for local governments.

Marty wears the hat of Business Development Manager, and in his role, he helps bridge the gap between engineering planning requirements and enabling technical tools. He is a strategic thinker with a relatable dry humour and passion for finding smarter ways to solve the Asset Management puzzle.

Marty loves working with other community-minded people and helping asset owners tackle their information and decision-making challenges through smarter solutions. He thrives in the environment created at Adapt where there is “Freedom to think and influence the business direction, working alongside other passionate people who actually care about customers and results.”

“We are continually learning from the industry and each other, always challenging one another to do things better. The belief is there to solve most challenges.”

Outside of work, Marty is kept busy with his kids helping with Scouts and sports. He enjoys the kiwi lifestyle of biking and exploring, keeping up with New Zealand music, interesting films, current events and the Black Caps.

Clark Howard

Clark Howard

Data Analyst

Clark Howard is the latest recruit and young talent brought on board in May 2019. In his role as Data Analyst, he specialises in database analysis, reporting and data migration. His focus is on “telling the story of the data” – making it easily digestible for asset owners.

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Clark completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science at Canterbury University. Following this, he worked as a Data Analyst for the Selwyn District Council Asset Management Information Systems team for three years.

He brings youthful energy balanced by a dose of patience and an innate knack for problem-solving and insight-gathering. He is loving the environment at Adapt and tackling new challenges as a team. He takes pride in his involvement in the implementation process, a natural with training and helping people to get the best out of the Adapt Platform system.

“I love the passion and wealth of knowledge within the team and the people we work with. I really like the varied nature of the work, challenging and being challenged by people. The culture is awesome – I love being a part of the rapid growth and system capability within the team.”

Outside of work Clark is passionate about cricket, hockey and running, completing his first half marathon last year. He loves getting out in nature and exploring New Zealand’s back yard with his fiance.

Values you can hold us to


Although our business is tech-derived, we connect with people first. In a market notorious for overselling and underdelivering, we pride ourselves on our refreshing approach that is easy to work. We look to understand the results our customers are seeking, before jumping to apply technology.

Best Practice

We keep pace with new technology developments and industry-leading practices, ensuring our software and service offerings are fresh and relevant.

Robust & Agile

Our software features standardised asset templates that are specifically evolved for asset-intensive industries. It is designed to integrate easily with different systems and can be scaled up over time to accommodate more asset types, workflows and users.


Making the complex easier to manage is what drives us. Our software platform provides a centralised base for connecting and tracking asset information. Intuitive, elegant and well-designed interfaces provide welcome simplicity.

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